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Hackney Flat

MY family home in East London which I moved into in 2019 and renovated in 2020. The kitchen and bathroom were completed rearranged as I wanted to take full advantage of the large south-facing sash windows that once sat at the end of the bath.

Deciding to colourwash the entire flat in ballet slipper pink to create the sense of entering a new world upon arrival. The oak and baby blue kitchen gives a nod to midcentury design but keeps the space feeling modern, fun and fresh.

Swapping out the colours on the floor of the bathroom and using the same tiles in the kitchen and bathroom but with different textures allows the space to feel like both one big space and seperate rooms. I added a glass panel above the door in the bathroom to replicate the old glass panels above the toilet in the hallway and give some natural light to an enclosed space.

The bedroom was given a floral feminine twist on the pink to soften a large room that looks out over the garden. The pop of turquoise in the fireplace keeps it from feeling too old fashioned.

The living room is where all the trinkets live, from Edward Scissorhands to a beautiful 1970s educational poster about Whales. The room is a sensory overload but because it has kept inline with the rest of the flat in its ballet slipper pink, it feels like a natural end to a tour of a fun space in the heart of London's busy borough of Hackney.

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